Maintenance & Inspections


We regularly inspect and conduct onsite assessments of tower instruments within the US as well as abroad. A full tower survey form is completed and filed in our office and a copy is then sent to your offices for review of any proposed work. Included in our tower assessment reports is a complimentary tuning report outlining the specific partials of each bell within your chime, carillon or single bell installation. Quotations for different options are also supplied along with these assessment reports and for client review and consideration. We are also able to communicate with clients over the phone to assist with initial estimations or basic troubleshooting if scheduling, finances, or distance proves to be an issue for potential clients.


Regular and routine maintenance is an essential aspect of our work. All of the fittings and hardware need to be regularly inspected for proper operation. Regularly scheduled maintenance programs also provide us an opportunity to keep tabs on any continuing conditions within the instrument or tower itself. If caught early enough, a small issue may be easily solved before it becomes a larger one that could be expensive, dangerous or time consuming.


Most instruments require regular servicing on an annual basis. Some installations that see very active use may benefit from two visits a year. Other instruments in climates that see very large fluctuations in seasonal conditions may also require additional attention when and where needed.

 Some bell installations have been left for quite some time since they last rang. In cases such as these, it is important to conduct a full diagnostic of the installation to make sure that work can be carried out according to plan. All of the fittings and hardware does wear down over time and will need servicing or replacement when these components on an as needed basis. Maintaining a regular schedule so that the instrument is inspected enables our staff to ensure that every bell installation is kept up to it’s best possible condition.

Detailed drawings and plans may also be provided to church staff for record or for additional work to be conducted on the tower itself.