Who we are

As the only traditional bell foundry in the United States, we carry on the tradition and quality of our founding craftsmen.

By carrying on time-honored bell making techniques first developed in Europe, our commitment to producing the best quality bells in the USA remains our guarantee. We alone carry on the tradition and craft of the bellfounders’ art utilizing centuries-old methods. Our company was created to provide an honest and superior service for customers in the United States and beyond. Years of experience in the bell industry, and ongoing research into the finest traditional bell making techniques, ensures that customers will not be disappointed with the results. We make sure your bells will last and ring to their fullest potential; to deliver what you need now, and be there for you in the future.



Sunderlin Bells

We continue our American craft legacy by preserving a centuries-old art using traditional materials. These materials – clay, sand, horse dung and hair – are mixed in the correct proportions in order to make molding loam. This high refractory mud is used to build each segment of the mold by hand. Each layer is meticulously built to accommodate the next and takes time to do properly. Once made the interior (core) and the exterior (cope) are sleeked in graphite and are closed together and buried in the pit in preparation for casting.

All of our bells are made from Bell Metal, a High-Tin bronze that consists of at least 80% Copper and 20% Tin. All of our metals are specially alloyed from licensed vendors and distributors. Old bells may also be used to supplement the charge of metal in the creation of new bells. Once cast, our bells are left to cool completely in the pit. Slow cooling is advantageous to produce the finest crystalline structure in the resulting casting. This, we feel, produces the most refined and balanced overall timbre of our bells.