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Tower Clock Services

Our dedicated clock and tower team can create, renovate, or modify any tower clock setup using traditional approaches for the best possible tower clock services in the industry.

In addition to our bell making, we also specialize in creating or renovating clocks of every kind; we can even restore old worn out clock mechanisms, dials, and faces. We have many designs and types of mountings for Tower Clocks, including: Skeleton Dials, Cannister Clocks with LED backlit lighting, Surface Mount, and Open Mount Dials. Through our state of the art Master Clock, we have the ability to correct our clocks after power outages, and all clocks come standard with Automatic Daylight Savings Time (ADST) and a 10 year back up battery.

Our tower clock movements are robust in design and have proven themselves by performing in the field for decades.

Tower Clock Maintenance

We can diagnose and repair electrical and mechanical clock movements, faulty and cracked dials, and can even provide new street clocks. From restoring old wooden clock dials to custom inscribed modern acrylic dials, we can suit all of your clock needs.

Many tower clocks still operate perfectly fine, specifically, E. Howard and Seth Thomas model tower clocks. These were a popular choice by many old courthouse clock and bell towers. These historic timepieces are very accurate when taken care of. They have proven themselves over and over again to be a timepiece that lasts! With these models historic restoration is our priority. From the decorative artwork, down to the nameplate, we’ve got you covered. We can restore the movements to their original pendulum swung mechanism with gravity or deadbeat escapements, or do an electric renovation. We also can custom make wooden, steel or aluminum dials, hands, or numerals. Cast Iron skeleton dials are another popular item that we have the ability to recreate or refurbish with sandblasting and powder coating. We also use the finest material in recreating the dial using quality 1/2“ translucent acrylic whenever possible. LED is the cure to create a beautiful masterpiece that glows during the night. We also have different options for backlighting the hands with LED’s. Our new and renovated equipment comes with an unprecedented warranty of 10 years provided we’re able to continue maintenance during that time.

We try to encourage our customers to participate in our annual or semi-annual maintenance program, which is quite affordable. Proper maintenance of your equipment is crucial in improving the quality of operation and overall life span. Because of this we are able to save universities, churches, and courthouses a significant amount of money because we can often foresee potential problems and head them off before they cause permanent, or in some cases, structural damage.

If you have been searching for a tower clock company that is experienced and knowledgeable, your search ends here. Call us or send us an email to get started.

Clock Restoration

Repair and Replace Mechanisms