Consoles, claviers, keyboards – whatever you want to call them, we at B. A. Sunderlin strive to provide a design for professional consoles that strikes a balance between classic styling with contemporary performance and hardware. Based on the reliable English design principle utilizing such features as a solid point-to-point roller bar transmission, radial and concave pedal alignment, piano-style key pivots, and straightforward wood-to-metal fitment, our consoles provide a look and feel that is both familiar but built for today’s players that expect the most from their instruments.

All pivoting rod connections use sealed ball and socket joints. This helps to minimize friction and quiets the console. Pedals utilize a fully adjustable rank of phosphor bronze flat coil torsion springs that can be calibrated to each player. Both keys and pedals are bushed in their spreaders with felt inserts that can easily be replaced for continued maintenance. Key and pedal spreader felts are also of medium hardness, and we always use neoprene under the bottom pocket felts. Different rubbers, and felts can be used upon request. All pedals and keys are felt cushioned in their pivots for a maintenance-free, nearly frictionless, joint that has been used in traditional English consoles for nearly 100 years. All steel fabrication is TIG welded in stainless steel and is finished bright and brushed. Paint won’t flake, metal won’t rust. All custom hardware is precision CNC machined right here in our facility. All keys are made in hard sugar maple with all other elements made standard in red oak. All lumber is hand-selected, kiln-dried, and domestically sourced. Of course, all standard designs will be made to the 2006 WCF standard.

Custom designs, carvings, decorations, wood selection, and alternative standards are available upon request as are professional practice instruments. We love to treat every installation differently and take pride in thinking about every instrument being unique!